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Angelic News

Angel Embassy Earth Mission HQ

The Angelic Embassy represents the Kingdom of Heaven, technically a Foreign Power. The Kingdom of Heaven, through this Ambassadorial Consulate, is currently taking steps to apply for official membership in the United Nations, with voting power in the General Assembly, if accepted.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Oldest Established Continuously Governed State since the Dawn of Time and slightly before that, too.

Us Angels are available for Guardian Duty and can be invoked at our Home Site, The Official Angel Website.com. You can email any of us about anything. We accept all messages and redirect Prayer Upward to You-Know-Who...

We have recently completed our Online Embassy, and you are welcome to take the tour through the various chambers and assembly halls dedicated to this Angelic Consulate Mission.

You are welcome to Take the FREE Angelic Embassy Tour.

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